Mission & Philosophy

WHO We Are

KORE Academy is a happy place of learning where every student, in grades 1-12, reaches his/her potential and finds his/her place in the world beyond.


KORE Academy exists to support and empower students by embracing a unique educational journey due to identified and suspected learning differences. Building on a student’s strengths and individualizing instruction, KORE Academy searches for the key that unlocks learning for each individual student in partnership with each student’s parents. KORE students are accepted and challenged, thus ensuring that they thrive to the best of their ability when transitioning from our program.

WHO We Strive To Be

It is the vision of KORE Academy to become a premiere, harmonious, and high-functioning organization that champions the learning of students with learning differences, the students’ future places in society, and the students’ families. We would like to become a “city on a hill” that other schools look towards for what works with our distinct population.

HOW We Work

KORE Academy believes that students at all levels of ability can reach their highest potential, and all staff members work to create a safe environment where students are valued, appreciated, respected, accepted, and understood. In general, KORE staff

  • Believes in the worth and dignity of each human being.
  • Acts on the strengths of students.
  • Works to find the right key that unlocks learning for each child.
  • Provides intellectually stimulating and meaningful instruction for all.
  • Provides students with clear expectations for behavior and challenging expectations for academic learning according to each student’s needs.
  • Provides both grade-level instruction AND remediation, not one at the expense of the other.
  • Intervenes if a student is not achieving.
  • Focuses on attainable careers for students according to each student’s plans.
  • Provides enrichment and after-school activities to develop well-rounded students.
  • Creates a safe, fun, engaging, and hopeful environment for learning.


Current Needs Served (2023-2024)

Processing DisorderODDMood DisorderMMDGifted
DyslexiaDsycalculiaDysgraphiaASD Verbally Challenged ASD-Level 2