About Us


KORE was founded in 2003 by a small group of parents wishing to obtain a quality education for their children with various learning styles. Recognizing that their children’s needs were not being met in the traditional classroom, these parents realized they would have to create the alternative their children needed. Thus KORE (Kids Obtaining Real Education) Academy was born. KORE is currently housed within Tates Creek Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky.


KORE Academy Mission

KORE Academy exists to help students who face challenges in the traditional classroom due to various learning differences, including, but not limited to, learning disabilities, ADHD, processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.


KORE Academy Philosophy

We believe every individual should feel accepted, valued, and safe in school. KORE strives to provide an inclusive community that consciously evolves to meet the changing needs of its students.

Through recognition and support, our school provides meaningful involvement beyond the idea of physical presence and attendance. Our basic values and belief system promote full participation, achievement, belonging, and interaction.

Our goal is to enhance every member of our student body’s well-being and provide opportunities for a rich future for each of our students.

Board of Directors

KORE Academy is supported and directed by a Board of Directors comprised of past and present KORE Academy parents, grandparents, community leaders and the KORE Academy Director (ex-officio). The Board makes decisions that affect the operation and goals of the school. Meetings are held regularly and are open to the public.

Current Board Members:

  • Joey Svec, President
  • Tim Martin, Vice President
  • Joseph Black
  • Michael Cobb
  • Stephanie Spires